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What Sets Us Apart

Child with doctor

Welcome to our Ocean Adventure Office. Our parents are ALWAYS welcome to accompany their children into our treatment bays at every visit. We do not just fill teeth, but continually emphasize preventive measures and healthy options. Our ship is IMMACULATE and has the highest quality of sterilization equipment. Digital X-ray equipment allows us to take diagnostic pictures with the ability to magnify questionable areas for proper treatment planning. With digital X-rays your child is exposed to far less radiation than with conventional X-rays.

Our doctors are dedicated and experienced with exceptional credentials. Having both male and female assistants on the team provides a wonderful blend of compassion, gentleness, humor and vitality. Most staff members are parents. We all take pride in being efficient, understanding, patient and KIND. Because truly preventive healthcare needs to be a PARTNERSHIP between patient, parent and doctor, we strive to build collaborative relationships with our patient families. This is the secret of our success. We take as much time as necessary to inform you of all options in the care of your child’s teeth, and we listen. Sometimes this involves occasional after-hours phone conversations and e-mail correspondence. We are available for emergencies 24/7. We do not want our families unnecessarily spending long, anxious hours in emergency rooms, nor even long, anxious weekends worrying about a dental issue that a phone call might remedy.

Babies, children, teens and parents love spending time with our collection of ocean games, toys, books and videos in our beautiful and spacious reception and play areas.

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