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Our Staff

Elizabeth—RDA and Office Manager

Elizabeth has 3 decades of experience in dentistry (she started quite young) and her warmth uplifts all who enter the office. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from California State University, Los Angeles. She is the proud mother of our former-receptionist-since-the-age-of-8, Jacqueline, who still helps out when she’s not attending school at Berkeley. Liz enjoys scrap-booking, beading, photography, and camping with her family. Her life has been enhanced by the strength, generosity, and balance of the doctors of this practice.

Sue—RDA and Practice Administrator

Sue was born and partly-raised in Indiana, graduated from Avalon High School on Catalina Island and started her pediatric dental career in Thousand Oaks. She has been working with pediatric dental patients for nearly 30 years. She enjoys every moment of it, particularly the satisfaction of watching our children develop into amazing young women and men. She has 3 daughters ranging in ages from 14 thru 25, and a devoted husband. Her hobbies include swimming, boating, and traveling to tropical destinations.

Leticia—Patient Care Coordinator and Insurance Guru

Multi-talented Letty is certified in both dental assisting and medical assisting. Often the first person to greet you when you telephone our office, she is also our expert in-house insurance coordinator, and the artist who designs our beautiful gift baskets. She is happily married and has one daughter. Letty enjoys shopping, soft piano music, and spending time with her family. She will tell you that working with children brings joy to her soul and she loves being part of this wonderful pediatric dental family. Her not-so-secret desire is to have a dual career as a party planner.

Julio—RDAEF, and Plaque Control Therapist

Julio, our dental assistant with expanded functions, is known for his serene and unflappable demeanor, has over 20 years' experience in pediatric dentistry, and enjoys every aspect of it. He is inspired by the dentists of this practice because of their scientific knowledge, compassion and joy in serving. Julio is happily married, with one daughter and two teenage boys, and loves spending quality time with his family, especially at beaches and lakes in the summertime.

Allisa—RDA and Plaque Control Therapist

Formerly a dental assistant in general practice, Allisa is a natural teacher with a tender heart, and children of all ages quickly feel comfortable with her. She particularly enjoys the coaching aspect of engaging with pediatric patients. Allisa hails from the Mid-west (Michigan), and loves family life on the Pacific coast with her husband, and their two (according to the girls we know) handsome sons. She manages a very on-the-go-household, making time for yoga, camping, entertaining and gourmet dining.

Irais—RDA and Plaque Control Therapist

Irais discovered her vocation and talent for patient care during 10+ years in both general and pediatric dentistry and also loves every minute of it. Working with children, particularly those with special health care needs, has taught her that her heart lies not just in pediatrics, but in critical care. She is a full-time employee and a part-time college student, who is currently pursuing a goal to become a NICU registered nurse. She enjoys spending time with her family as well as the zen of rainy days.

Joey—RDA and Plaque Control Therapist

A Southern California native and father of two, Joey stays in great shape by surfing, sailing and SCUBA diving. He actually really enjoys reading the textbooks for his degree in Communication Studies. (Next up, his Master's in Public Administration in health science.) Dr. Suzie was his childhood dentist and influenced his desire for a career in health care. Children are inspired by his gentle humor and innovative solutions: How ‘bout we floss the top teeth one day and the bottom teeth the next day?

Maria—RDA and Plaque Control Therapist

Maria is the mother of two thriving children, and has spent her entire career in pediatric dentistry with Dr. Suzie! Maria possesses remarkable patience and a sweet, calming demeanor. Shy children tend to open up in her presence, and cantankerous ones unwind. She enjoys the passion, caring, and fun attitudes of the dentists in this practice. In addition to taking care of her growing family, Maria spends time reading, and revels in being a Domestic Goddess.

Mia—RDA and Plaque Control Therapist

Mia’s hip, cheerful and relaxed attitude creates ease in everyone she encounters. She has been in dentistry for two years with experience in both pediatrics and orthodontics. little ones have a particular affinity toward her, and she excels in their patient care. She enjoys long bike rides, runs, and relaxing days at the beach. Mia is a 7 year vegetarian along with her two furry “children,” Miley and Hammie, the guinea pigs.

Ellie—DA and Office Assistant

Ellie has always had a heart for wanting to make others feel and be their best. Her passion originally began with helping athletes heal their over-worked muscles through massage therapy. Now she has chosen to focus on making the world smile more - the most amazing and pure smile, in her estimation, being that of a child! Off hours, there is simply nothing better to her than the enjoyment of going to the beach or hiking with her husband, her son and the family dog. She loves to end each day reading to her son at bedtime.

Macie—DA and Future Dentist

Macie has burned with the desire to become a dentist since the age of 13. She is now a high school student on work study with us, and is already a trained and certified dental assistant. You will find her working very hard and joyfully after school and during holidays: just watch for the red curly hair that is as bouncy as her personality. Having been a patient with us since the age of 9, she proudly claims to be part of our dental family, and vice versa — Look out world, Dr. Macie is in the works!!!

Mako - the Shark—Ambassador of Dental Health Education
“Kids are friends - not food.”

Mako the shark

Sharks grow lots and lots of teeth, but humans only grow two sets. Our Ambassador’s mission is to help children keep healthy teeth for a lifetime!  Mako is available to visit your school during the month of February for Dental Health Education Month. You will also meet this huggable shark at our office when your ‘school’ visits our teaching vessel for a tour. When not making public appearances or touring the seven seas, Mako enjoys playing water polo.

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